Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2016

DIY: quick Jewelry Box

Some time ago i've been looking around pinterest on some diy ideas. And i came up with:

I need a jewelry box to hold my Piercings.

There are so many great ideas on makeing your own personalised jewelry boxes. Or boxes to hold other stuff. 

heres the link to it
This one i fell totaly in love with. this miniature dresser is so awesome! Unfortunately it is already sold. (and i think it would be really expensive.)

And so i was looking on one i can do myself looking a bit like this. And i found a really simple and quick tutorial on doing a little jewelry box. 

And here is the matching link with the tutorial: follow me

useing an empty Ferrero Rocher Container is a really great idea. Especially because i love them. And so i grabed my black paint and an jewelry piece to glue on top and started following the instructions

I simply added some red felt to the inside to give it a more Coffin like look. And prevent the piercing from skratching of the collour. 
It does not look like the jewelry box i fell in love with but it is pretty cool and very cheap too.

show me your diy jewelry boxes. Or do you have some great ones bought?

have a nice day, 
bat wishes


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