Dienstag, 31. Mai 2016

Daily Planner + free download

Its been a long time since the last post. Again. I didnt manage to post as regularily as i wannted to. 
So i need to organize my days a lot better. And how could you do this the easyest way? By getting a daily planner!

Because there was no planner on sale what suits me with the classification of the days, i took a look at pinterest and found one that i liked. It is to download and print for free, great thing. The problem is: its bright and colorfull and very ungothy, so i would not use it.
Here is the link to it: Daily Planner German and English
and another one that i liked a lot: daily planner german

So i decided to make one my own, bought a blank journal and started to design pages at my PC. And when finishing the first page i realized that there is no need of printable pages when already haveing a journal.
So there was the next thought. Buying a binder for the printables or design the pages of the journal? I decided to buy a binder. Why? It is a lot easyer and it was a lot work creating the printable because i am not really good at working with a computer.

I will start useing my new journal at the 1st of June. (Today) In my opinion it is a good date to start something new. half the year is over so its time to take a look back at new years resolutions. How far did you came up with them? Did you finish one already? (like loosing weight, reading a book or so) 
And maybe it is time to get on some new ones. Or update the old ones. 

Back to the planner. Here is the pags i've made. Please feel free to download and print for your personal use. 
the picute is linked to the pdf

From now on i hope i could manage to do regular blog postings and do not stop after two successful weeks. 

How do you manage to stay on plan? And how are you planning out your day/week?

Bat wishes and have a nice day,

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