Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2016

Shopping: WGT 2016

The WGT is now about 4 weeks over. And i finally managed to take pictures of all things i bought at the Festival.

This jear war the first time i went to the WGT Festival. And it was amazing. I spend a lot of money on new things. And now i want to show them to you

The Skirt
A pouffy princessy big skirt in black and purple with lots of tulle and cute little bows. Its a Sinister Skirt (my third one now)

The Corset
A Corset from Burlesca, the same purple as the skirt. Its got plastic bones and so it is very confty for wearing every day.

The Jacket
A steampunk Jacket, i have already worn at the victorian picnic, from Phaze. It was really strange to wear that much brown.

The Bracelet
At the "Heidnischen Dorf" i found a really cute bat bracelet. And my boyfriend decided that i really need this. And now i wear this nearly every weekend. 

The Tophat
I decided that i badly need a Tophat. And at the Aderlass Store i found the one i looked for. And i am wearing it every time i can. 

The dress
finally i got a Hell Bunny dress with all over bat print. Its really great to wear and super cute. I think i need a petticoat going with this.
link to the shop where i got the picture from

I am already saveing money for the next year. And maby the next time i do a basic shopping posting.

What are your favourite WGT buyings? 

bat wishes,

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