Mittwoch, 30. November 2016

DIY: Ideas on a spooky Christmas

Halloween is over now and the holiday season is right around the corner. Everyone ist doing holiday dekoration and there is christmas stuff every where you look. Bright and shiny Christmas ornaments, sparkling Lights and cheesy red and green Santa Claus Stuff.
So I thought it is time to bring the nightmare before Christmas to live and let this holiday season have a little toutch of never ending Hallowenn. Silent time? Lets get loud!
The easiest way to add a little goth touch to it, is haveing a black christmas tree. They can be easily found at the internet. The other way are black christmas ornaments. Last year black ornaments were really popular at Bavaria.  And they are moste time really cheap an easy to find. When you dont find them to buy, they are easy to make. Buy some really cheap ones and paint them black. 
But you can go way more creative. There are so many Ideas on the internet what you can make. 

Here are my Ideas:
- cut out Bat or Skull ornaments from Cardboard or made from modelling clay
- Black Santa Socks. (made out of felt, no hemming needed)
- Black Santa Hats
- A black Angel Christmas Tree Topper
- Black Candles and Bows at the wreath.

My personal holiday decoration this year is really minimal because i am moving during the holidays. So there will only be a gothy christmas door wreath this year.

I took a cheap styrofoam wreath from the craft store and covered it with grey knitting material. I used this because i can re-decorate it for every season.
The decoration are black ribbon, silver snow star jewelry and a black bow. The Bells i like very much. these are my personal "Hells Bells". It is nothing really special, but it is definitely diferent to the ones you can buy.

Now get everyone a black Santa Hat, listen to one of the gothy or heavy metal Christmas songs and enjoy a spooky holiday season.

Next time i will show you my gothy christmas bakery.

best wishes, 
your Queen of Bats


  1. Hi, I found you in the comments on GIY's recent post. I liked what you said there, that you'll try to keep you blog up even if only one person reads it. I'll go read your other posts now, the beginning seems promising! Your wreath is super cute! Love that bat instead of an angel. Are you German? I have just stated a beginner's course and I can already make sense of the German interface :)

    1. Hi BlackKitty, thank you for the compliment. Yes, i am German. (is my english so worse?) You are really motivating me to go on.

    2. Noo, your English is fine, it's just hard to miss when the comment form says "Gib einen Komentar ein..." :) I can't wait to see what other crafts you have planned.