Freitag, 9. Dezember 2016

Christmas bakery the gothy way

As I told the last time, I will show you some goth Christmas bakery.

I love cookies. All around the year and spezially at christmas time. But with christmas cookies it is the same as the dekorations. Nothing really gothic looking. So lets style them up.

during the last years i got several cookie cutters which look gothy. I am haveing three diferent Bat cutters and a Skull. And it is really great. Make the dough of your choice, i choose choclate for the Bats and Butter-cookies for the skull. So it all has the color thats normal to it.
When you dont have cookie cutters like this, you can get Bats, skulls and other really gothy ones at Etsy is also a great place to get something different to the normal ones.

And if you dont want to buy some of this, you can decorate normal cookie shapes a bit more gothic. So how about makeing round cookies and dekorate them with white iceing and chocolate like Jack Skellington Faces? Or simply cover with really dark choclate so that they look black.
Another Idea is makeing gingerbread man, cover with dark choclate and paint a skeleton on it with white iceing.
I also found some skull sugar sprinkles to dekorate the cookies. It was Halloween time when i bought them.
Last but not least, poisoned apple cookies. Easy cookie dough, dekoratet with red and black iceing.
Or make Cinnamon Stars and paint a Pentagram on them.
Maby cutting out layered Cookies in Coffin shape? There are so much you can do. Just get creative.

And here you go with some really gothy and spooky christmas cookies.
finally, mine:

And as an litte extra, the Queen herself by rolling out the Gingerbread dough at her best friends kitchen:

So now enjoy your bakery and Cooky dekoration. And let me know if you are haveing another idea on how to make the christmas bakery more Goth.

Queen of Bats

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  1. Your cookies look awesome! I never thought of painting skeletons on gingerbread men, that's a great idea and yours look phenomenal! I got a bat and scared cat cookie cutters on Aliexpress fr under 1$ each recently, but I don't have either gingerbread men or other interesting shapes. I don't bother with icing designs either, I just spread it and sprinkle stuff. Sometimes I invite friends over and my cookies get eaten before I even ice them, so I'm never motivated to decorate food. I'd rather have someone gift me nice dishes and contaners for it - like a coffin-shaped tin or a skull-shaped cookie jar :)
    But since we're on the subject of cooking, you could also paint zombies on gingerbread people. Or bake chocolat coulant cake, but previously tint the filling red. ToxicTears has some drinks ideas, many of which come down to "buy hot cocoa mix, tint it red".