Freitag, 16. Dezember 2016

Flez-art - Shop review

I Made myself an early christmas Gift and did some Bat shopping.
This time i bought at the Dawanda Shop i mentioned bevore at my christmas baking post. Its a Shop from Berlin, Germany. And it is owned by a woman called Petra. 
There are a lot of bat styled items. It is all made with lot of love, what you defenitely can see and feel.
The Best thing of the shop: 5% of your buying is given to an bat saving organisation.
Lets go to what i have bought.
I ordered last thuesday and everything arrived Saturday. So this was quite fast.
And here is what i bought:

My items are:
The bat wing mug: The best mug i own now
A bat shaped warming bottle: never feel cold again
A leather hair acessoire: follow me
And a Wolf cookie cutter: the way to the wolf

Everything has an very good quality and looks like it will last a very long time. My coffee never tasted better than drinking it out of the bat wing mug.

A thing i got earlyer by an Facebook giveaway did, i won the First price. This cute little bat you can also get at her shop. This little cutie is really nice and always around me. At the Moment she is hanging around my Tea shelf.
Here you can get your own: the little flezmaus and the best: you can decide what colour your Bat is going to have. 

So of you are looking out for something spezial and made-with-love bat item, go to Even you are doing some good thing by the 5% given to the bat saving organisation.

Next week i will show you a new DIY. 
Have fun shopping and saving the bats

Queen of Bats

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