Freitag, 7. April 2017

DIY: Fleece Poncho

This time, as i said, a quick and easy diy.

Maybe someone remembers my last years "upcoming sewing projects" Post. I finally managed to sew the Spring/Autum Jacket. And i really love it. It is warm but i dont get sweating in it. Just perfekt.
Sewing it was really easy and quick done. I will show you some pictures at the end of the posting.

What i wanted to say: I had some leftover fleece fabric. And so i sewed a Poncho out of it. It is never wrong to have one.

Here is what you need:

- two rectangles out of fleece fabric 50 x 80 cm plus seem allowance
- a sewing machine or needle and thread
- trim, ribbon or other decoration as you want

This is really easy and quick. Of course you can use every fabric of your joice. Maybe lace? this will look good over an simple Shirt or Corset. (need to think closer about that)

If you are useing fleece, you dont need to sew the edges, if you use another fabric, start with zigzag stitch the edges.

To make the two pieces a full working cloth, sew the two pieces together, as shown in this Picure:
This are just two seems.

And here you go, you have a poncho.

Now, youo simply need to hem the outer and inner Edges. If you use fleece: you are ready now.

For mine, I rounded out the edges, useing a Plate as template. And to finish it with stitching around it.
So, this is what it looks like:

not very spectacular, but i like it a lot

Just half an our and it was ready to wear. The stitching did take a bit longer.

And as I Promised, here is my fleece jacket. Just thinking on some dekorations. Maybe some Lacing in the back?

I hope you enjoyed reading this and i helped you getting inspired for you next diy.
Do you have any Ideas what i could do next? Or something you want me to show you?

Queen of Bats

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