Montag, 8. Mai 2017

My 10 ungoth confessions

Well, I planned to show you the basi summer dress and how i made it as first piece of the summer wardrobe... but the rainy and cold weather outside took away all my motivation on making stuff for warm weather.

So this will be completely different. Lets talk about ungoth confessions.
There are a lot of viedos themed "my 10 ungoth confessions" on youtube. I watched a lot of them and it made me think about it a lot. What is really ungoth? Is not likeing the taste of wine ungoth? If it is, is drinking a lot of wine or likeing it goth?
If ungoth things are things goth are not typically making or doing, what are the typically things?
According to society all goth are worshiping Satan. I DO'NT! I am catholic and believe in god.
The next thing according to society is, you cant get a job looking like this. So, i am ungoh because i am haveing a job? I like my job and working. How else would i pay the expensive Goth clothes?
Well, after a lof of thinking and reading this first parst over and over again, here are the ten things i came up with.

1. I like knitting
Knitting is out of fashion no matter where you look, but i like it. And my knitted stuff does really look gothy.

2. I love cooking
Everyone needs to eat, even goth people. And i really love to cook.

3. My garden
I ave a very huge section in my garden where i grow herbs, veggies and fruit. The taste and quality of self grewn food is much better than the one you can buy at grocery stores.

4. I am a non smoker
well, lots of people think when you are goth you ned to smoke. You absolutely dont!

5. I dont drink Alkohol
(not much Alkohol) I simply dont like the taste of most alcoholic drinks and i really dont like the feeling of beeing drunk.

6. I absolutely love my hair
For a long time i thought as goth i need to dye my hair. And so i dyed my hair black and red over and over again. But i damaged my hair this much i needed to cut it off. So i decided no longer dyeing nine month ago. Now my haircolor looks really crazy at the moment, but my hair is going to be healthy again.

7. I am in a reenactement club
I do medieval reenactement og gypsies in 1407, so medieval music, colorful clothing and no makeup while liveing in a tent, cooking on open fire and beeing outside all day long on some weekends of the year.

8. doing lots of sports
based on my love to cook i needed to start working out. (my expensive clothing needs to fit a very long time) And now i love it. The last year i went to a gym on regular basis. Now, because of my moveing i dont have a gym membership any longer. So i started Pilates once a week in class and doing a lot of outdoor aktivity like hikeing and cycling.

9. Disney movies
I love, love, love them. My absolutely all time favourite is "beauty and the beast"

10. Shopping in normal Stores
This means i like to go shopping at stores like H&M and hunt for goth like stuff.

So this is it. I hope you enjoied reading. What are your thoughts on "ungoth confessions"?
I really hope the weather is going to be better soon and my motivation to work on the summer wardrobe projekt will be back.

Have a great week,
until next time


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  1. I think what they mean by ungoth is not something that goes against the perceived stereotype, but something that clashes with basic guidelines set up by gothier-than-thou types. For example, if you like baby blue, a pop artist, if you don't like black roses or tattoos, stuff like that. Having a job and taking care of one's health are pretty common among adult goths. Still, I'm happy to see a fellow non-smoker, non-drinker who loves cooking and knitting! Do you have any interesting patterns? Can you crochet? Can you make that skull scarf that's everywhere on Pinterest?