Montag, 24. April 2017

Inspiration - summer goth

Well, i am not able to create the summer, but i am able to create a summer wardrobe on my own.
Inspired by a low budget and spending to much time surfing around pinterest I decided to create this jears summer wardrobe based on diy and old/thrifted/cheap stuff.

Here is my little "Summer goth" pinterest: follow to summer goth
This is going to be continued.

So what i really want to make/have:
- A Maxi dress. Just dress on and ready.
- A long flowing skirt. Or two of them...
- Barefeet sandals. I think they are really good looking when wearing easy black Heels
- A lace Cardigan. Saw them on ReeRee Phillips. Just great.
- Harem pents. Even i am the more skirt and dress person i want them.
- a Body harness. Just to pimp basic shirtrs or dresses

Basically i want to have some "basic" Stuff what is easy to style up with different accessoires.
I know this will be a lot of work. But when i dont want to wear all the same things like last jear, i need to make myself some new stuff.

And here are some inspirational Summer lookbooks:

So what do you want to have for summer time? Or is your Summer wardrobe still ready? 
I hope to start soon and be able to show you lots of stuff and be inspirational.

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