Dienstag, 23. Mai 2017

SGWP: Summer dress part1

The "SGWP" (summer goth wardrobe projekt) finally started

A basic dress is an absolutely must have to me. And so i am starting with this. The pattern i am useing is pattern 43 in Simpicity 2/14. Its about 3/4 length and has no sleeves and a simple v-neck. So it is perfekt to wear in different styles and combine with lots of accessory.

The fabrik i am useing is a lightweight black cotton. At the fabric store i got 4 meters priced down the half, so it is enough to make a second something out of it. Mabe a skirt.
As always i started with making the pattern out of paper. And make a first placement on the fabric to see if it fits and i have all pieces together.

So here is my 2D paper dress

After this i pinned the pattern down and cut everything out. 
Then i begun sewing everything in place. And it took me longer than i expected, so i was not able to finish the dress in one afternoon. (This is why i decided to make a two part post out of it) The top piece is ready. Only the skirt part is missing. 

It looks already good to me. not to much work left. And the best of all: it fits perfectly. Its an German Size 36. I am really looking forward to when it is finished and ready to wear.

Next time i will show you how it looks finished and make a little look book on how i planed on styling the dress.

Best wishes,

Queen of bats

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