Freitag, 18. März 2016

what is this about and who am I?

Finally! I got my own blog. After reading gothic blogs an watch gothic youtube channels quite a long time, now i thought it is time to have my own blog.

What will i do with this blog?

In this blog i will share my DIY Ideas and Projects with you. This will be crafting, sewing and knitting things.
There will also be reviews to craft tutorials, fashion stores and maby some other things.
Also i will do shopping hauls and everything else about what means Gothic and Gothic lifestyle to me.
All in one, this will be an all Gothic blog.

And who am I?

I am Regina, the Queen of bats. At the moment i am 23 years old and from Bavaria - so please excuse if there are lots of mistakes at my writing and please feel free to corret me. I started wearing black about 7 years ago. And after a while i found out more and more about Gothic subculture and i felt home there so i stayed. I am into DIY since i was a little girl, there i started making furniture and clothes for my dolls. When i went to school my mom and grandmom teached me how to knit and sew stuff for myself. And i continued learning and getting better and better.

So i hope you will enjoy reading my blog. I try to blog once or twice a week. So that there are 6-8 posts a month.

Feel free to comment with things you want to know or want me to show you.

Bat wishes,


  1. Nice to meet you! So you ARE German. I hope you get more viewers, you seem like a nice and talented girl! I would love to see more of your craft projects.

  2. I planned a lot more craft things. There will be a new one soon.