Freitag, 1. April 2016

DIY: Wall decoration

I am so sorry. My first Post is saying i am posting once or twice a week, and now i posted nothing almost two weeks. But i had a really really bad headake and were not able to sit in front of my computer. 
Now let's DIY:

the "naked" wall
The wall behind my dinning Table was empty, really empty and i needed to change this. And i decided to make a Lady Skull in a frame. Big, good looking and really easy to make. 

the first design
as first i searched the internet for inspiration. It was not easy to find a picture fitting my representations. So i sat down and took a pencil to make my own design. I am haveing some earrings looking quite similar to the design i came up with. A skull with an victorian inspired hairstail and an oval frame. The frame is topped by an bat and some bats are flying up one side. I was not sure if this is looking good and so i did not make the bats.

used materials:
-A big pice of thik cardboard. Mine was a huge packaging box
-the design 
-pencil and marker
-knife and scissors
-an old newspaper
-white glue

the cardbord cut-out

after drawing the design to the cardbord with a marker (i could not see the pencil on it) i cut it out with a sharp knife. the cardbord was almost to thik to cut with my scissors. 

the glued object

the cardbord had really not good looking edges. And so i finished them up with one layer of papier mache. and with some rolled up paper i gave some structue to the ornaments of the frame. It took really really long time to finish all the small edges of the cut-outs. But it was worth it. 
when finising all the glue-work i let it dry over night. And then the fun part was coming. Colouring it.
I took black acrylic paint and painted everything black. After drying again i put it up the wall by simply useing hammer and nail. 

And this is what it looks now:

This was an fun, easy and cheap project. Maby i am doing something like this for bedroom decoration. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this and maby i inspired you to do something similar. Then it would be great to see your work in the comments.

have a great weekend,

bat wishes,


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