Mittwoch, 27. April 2016

DIY: Pincushion out of a ashtray

A few days ago i went shopping with a friend of mine and i found a really great looking ashtray at "TEDI's" - this is something like a german version of a Dollar Store. And because i am an non smoker i have no use for it. But will i really be a crafty goth when heaving no idea what to do with it?

And after a while of thinking - and sewing - i came up with the idea to make a pincushion out of it.

This is what i used:

- the skull ashtray
- pillow fluff
- black stretchy velvet
- cardboard
- hot glue

I start by cutting out a piece of cardbord that fits inside the ashtray with a bit of space all around.

As next, sew a long strip to a round piece of the fabrik so that it looks like a half sitting pillow and its a bit whider than the ashtray.

then glue the cardborad as bottom to it, leaving a small space to stuff it with the pillow fluff.

when its completely stuffed, glue the opening shot an glue it into the ashtray.

And now you are done with a really spooky and gothy pincushion what looks good on every sewing table and give it an extra gothy look.

I had a lot of fun doing this. And it would be great to see or read what unusual transformations you did out of Dollar Store finds, or did you have the same Idea as i did?
So, what are other sewing supplies that need to be gothed up?

bat wishes and have a nice day,



  1. Great idea! I bet it's comfortable too, with the skull base keeping the cushion in place instead of constantly rolling into your lap like a drunken hedgehog.

    1. Oh yes, it is conftable and so dekorating. And the best: It holds the pattern in place while pinning it :D Or the fabrik layers.