Donnerstag, 28. April 2016

Goth at (and) the Gym

Gym's are some of the non gothy places number one. But: wanting a hot and toned body is a lot of work and this is done at a gym the easyest way. And nowadays working out, eating healty and beeing strong is everywere on media. Watching tv is not working without some fitness advertising. And because of that i thougt, why not blogging a bit about fitness?

Finding the right gym is the first step. How far is the gym away? What does it cost? What do they offer?
Then there is the next step: Time. One of my personal major problems. When do i go? How often do i want to work out?
And number three: motivation. What motivates me to go? Do i have a training partner? What do i need to do to stay motivated?

When visiting the gym i sometimes felt really unconfy. All the bright colours and loud top 10 chart music makes me feel not good. So i needed to change someting. And i started with the music. Getting out my old mp3 player and packed it full of good heavy metal and goth music.
As next the workout clothes. I get myself some black shoes and trousers. And a top from "Poison Industries" what gave me a good feeling back. Finally i toped it with a black towel and water bottle.
For now you can see i am a goth at the gym.
And while surfing the net, i saw the #healthgoth website were you can find goth gym clothing
the healthgoth website

Dont want to go to a gym? No problem. The internet is full of home gym programs. They are mostely really expensive and high intense. Not the right for everybody.
But fortunetly there is youtube. Full of fitness coaches who showes you how to workout at home without a gym or expensive online training.
My favourite youtube fitness coach is Joanna Soh. She is crazy high energysed. But her workouts do really work. And also all recipes i tried out so far tasted really delicious.
here is the link to her official website: J Soh official

writing this blog helps me getting my motivation back to do more workout. What gets you motivated? are you haveing a motivation board? And what do you do to stay fit?

bat wishes, and have a nice day,

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