Freitag, 8. April 2016

upcoming sewing projects

Springtime is already here and, like every woman, i got nothing to wear for springtime. Its to warm for the winter coats and its to cold for summerjackets or nothing. The good old leather jacket does not match every outfit. So i need something new.
And there is the next (luxury) Problem: What i want to have does not exist or it is to expentive for me.
So i need to sew them myself.

I came up with two patterns. One for a jacket and one for a coat.

The jacket i want to mix up from two patterns. The patterns are published at the "Simplicity 4/2013" and are the numbers 34 and 35

so it is the green jacket i want to make with the collar from the red one. The really great on Simplycitiy Magazin is, there is a page where all pieces shown as a black and white painting. So it is really easy to think of it in black.
This one is made out of felt and will be pretty warm i think. The right for an german, cold spring.

 so here is the black and white version. This helps really. especially when thinking of a pattern what is sewn really colorful and with different types of pattern on it.

The second project will be the coat of an complete outfit, also from symplicity.
Its pattern number 7532, and you can get it here: link to Amazon

picture from
And i will make this out of black cotton fabric, lined with red fabric. I think this combination got the most vampire look. I will also wear this at this years WGT (wave gothic treffen at Leipzig) Maby i chance the collar. 

Hopefully, you will soon see a making of of this two things. Do you have the same Springtime problems? let me know what you are doing

bat wishes,

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