Dienstag, 18. April 2017

Craft along with GIY

GIY: goth it yourself is a creative goth blog, written by Bane. And it was the first ever gothic Blog i was reading and still be.
For a while now, Bane is doing a Craft along every month. And now, finally, i am able to join.
follow this link to Banes original post

This month theme is: outdoors
According to the weather here in Bavaria a warm scarf, hat or coat will be more matching then a summer themed outdoor craft. But, summer is hopefully coming soon and i like to be prepared. 

And so i picked out to decorate a Straw hat.
I already had one at home so this was easy to decide and to do. 

Here is what i started with: A black hat with sparkling Bow from a dollar store, bought last summer

At first i removed the old Bow and band.

then simply restyled the hat with an velvet ribbon.

for makeing it a bit more dramatic i added some "flowers" made from fleece cut outs and an net fabric. Last thing i decided to glue on some black little sparkling dots, might be cool looking when the sun shines on them. 

now, i hope the sun and warm weather will be coming soon so i can wear it outside.

Creating this hat, following the craft along theme was a lot of fun and i think i will join the next one as well. Its great haveing a monthly theme on what i will post. Less thinking, more crafting. And more DIY on this blog. 

Please dont forget to check out Banes Blog and all the other Crafts what are made based on the Craft Along. 
I hope you all enjoyed reading this and have a nice week,

Queen of bats


  1. Awesome! For once this is a theme where I should be able to participate! I just have to make a blog first :) Your hat turned out lovely! I'm glad they started making black sunhats, they only need a brooch and a ribbon to look great.

  2. Nicely done! It looks lovely. :D Thanks for participating in the craft-along!

  3. Great revamping of the hat it looks great.